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I guess I'm back with this, don't know if all my posts went anywhere, but I am doing Ultimate, and I have completed 3/5 of my generations. FR, G, and Ruby have been finished, I move on now to Diamond, in which I have already completed most of the game (7/8 badges) Pokemon: Arcanine

After demolishing the 7th gym and seeing my rival, Barry, depressed I believe I heard Mars talk about the Veilstone city HQ, Maybe I should take a trip there and rain on some parades. After reaching the HQ, I find that my investigation needs to be further carried out underground and my main goal is to infiltrate the Team Galactic HQ. Thus, I get lost for at least fifteen minutes thinking I had more work to do when I had finished off the last trainer...

(By the way, the last two games [Diamond and Black] will be on my DS so, I'm gonna have to generate Growlithe onto the next game)

Arcanine's progress:

Name: Brisingr
Level: 58
Nature: Rash
Ability: Intimidate
~Flame Wheel
~Take Down
Challenges in Progress
Ultimate Solo Challenge: Arcanine (FR,G,R,D,B)
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