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Originally Posted by Gyardosamped View Post
Hey, Dragooncroft!

Welcome to PC! That's awesome that you've been a fan for a while now! Have you explored past any of the games from generation I and II? Those games you have now are pretty cool, though. I still have my Stadium 1 and 2 and my original N64. XD

I also love Dragonite and Umbreon! Very good choices. If you can't tell from my username, my favorite Pokémon would have to be Gyarados! As for what you're trying to manipulate with your games, I can't really help out much. I've never really worked with many cheating devices for my games, but I'm sure someone can help you if you've already posted your question somewhere on the forums. x)

Do you watch the older anime? The older ones (anything before Hoenn) I truly loved. I could watch all the episodes of the first four seasons over and over. Clair is a pretty cool gym leader. That fanfic you're reading must be pretty interesting. Are you reading it on PC?

That's cool that you play an instrument! Do you play for your school band or just for yourself? I've always wanted to learn to play either the guitar or piano but have never really set myself to do so. :3

Anyways, hope you enjoy it here and hope you stay active!

If you ever need anything or would just like to chat, please don't hesitate to leave a visitors message on my profile! See you around!
Yeah. I forgot to mention I played Pokemon Blue Dungeon Rescue team, but that's as far as i've gone.
Garydos is awesome, though, my shiny one from pokemon silver is strong, it has horrible accuracy!

Yes, I am currently rewatching the anime. I am up to the part after Ash defeats Pryce, though, earlier, I skipped ahead to see the Clair battles and the Johto Cup. They were awesome!

The fanfic is not on here, but it is somewhere. Ah yes... here:
(I cannot link the link directly yet, because I haven't reached the valid enough amount of posts) :p

I play for the school. I was once a first seater until...well... I don't want to talk about it :\ But there are only four of us in our section. I once could play the piano fair, but lost that over the years. I wish I hadn't.

Anyways thanks for your interest and kindess! This place seems much more friendlier and layed-back than the other forum i'm a member of.. :D

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