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I have been playing since it came out!

Oh, and I used only rentals, and got up until half way through R2. I remember Prime cup final being hell with rentals. It was luck that my rental Primeape critical hit his Muk with a cross chop and I won! After, I have to use my own pokes. Still too hard, though.

Anyways, it was incredibly hard, incredibly rigged, but an incredibly amazing game! I still am trying to beat it. I like this as my favourite pokemon game (probably). :D

I am trying to figure out how to hack my pokemon so they are all shiny and have max stats for this game, but not sure exactly how to do it. Still waiting for a response in the other thread.

Hatched a new Skarmory w/ Drill Peck
Haunter and Kadabra evolved into Gengar and Alakazam
Raised a Level 55 Poliwrath with a Mind-Reader/Fissure combo
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