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You believe the Daily Mail? They're like, the biggest nuts in news! It's like Ann Coulter if she were British.

I know plenty of Muslims and none of them act like that. The few Muslim criminals I saw in the newspaper didn't even bother to play the race card.

Though I am very well aware that there is a problem with Muslim criminals in Europe. The Muslims who do things like honor killings, rapes, and wife beatings give a bad name to the ones who are normal. It makes non-Muslims become anti-Muslim and more likely to support people like Geert Wilders, Lars Vilks, or the British National Party.

It makes me sad that the Muslim world has regressed since its glory days in the Middle Ages. Believe it or not, Muslim women had considerably more freedom hundreds of years ago then they do today. Women in the Ottoman harems played a role in politics well into the modern era. Until a few centuries ago, Muslim women were actually treated better than their European counterparts. Muslim lands were also generally more tolerant of Christians and Jews in the past than today. I suspect the rise of fundamentalist forms of Islam must be the cause of this regression.

(The whole relation drama hetween Muslims and non-Muslims has actually been an inspiration for my writings.)
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