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Well, I mentioned the pokeradar, although I can't even imagine what kind of nightmare that would be to introduce.

What do people think of editing existing pokemon? Beefing BSTs, new typings/abilities, or possibly even overhauling the type effectiveness chart altogether? I know that it could isolate people who want a hack more similar to the original games, but I think there is a lot of potential for balancing neglected types and pokemon.

Something else I've always thought about is multiple natures. I mean, no one is only naughty/jolly/adamant/hasty etc. Perhaps the primary nature could be +/- 7-10, and the second 3-5? That would make for much more interesting capabilities, and I think it would reduce endless resetting for natures, given it would be hard to get two natures you like.

Of course, both the pokeradar and multiple natures are undoubtedly highly complex, but if it could ever happen, it would be with a group of highly skilled asm hackers like the ones we have here.
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