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What do you think are some of the more unique normal types in your opinion?
I have about four that I think are unique, so let's start!
  • Porygon Evolutionary Line

    Well, other than the fact it caused a whole evolutionary line to be discontinued from the anie, it is the only Pokemon to evolve twice via trading and is the only one able to evolve after trading. Also, Porygon2/Z are the some of the only Pokemon not to be debuted in any form of the anime (THose that have not debuted will have mostly debuted by July with M16 revealing Genesect and it's Pikachu Short revealing SYLVEON!!

  • Smeargle

    It can learn all moves in existence (except Struggle, Transform and Chatter), enough said.

  • Castform

    One of the first major Form Changers, after Unown, and also the first Pokemon to have it's form change via weather, followed closely by Cherubi/Cherrim.

  • Deerling and Sawsbuck

    It's unique in it's forms, as it changes forms with each season, unable to prevent this from happening and it is tied in second place for the most available forms with Deoxys and Castform, while in first is Rotom.

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