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I had a feature in my feature book that I thought would be awesome. I'm not sure if this is implemented anywhere, I haven't played any of the other newer games.

When you learn an HM move, you should have the option of whether or not you want it to take up a moveslot. This way I don't need to teach my Pokemon useless moves like RockSmash while worrying about it preventing me from learning better moves.

Basically, when I use an HM, I should have the option to "Learn normally" and "Outside battle only". "Learn normally" is the same as usual, the move is learned as an attack to be used in battle (at the same time it can be used outside given required badges). Whereas "Outside battle only" would be just having the Pokemon know how to use the move without it taking up an ability slot (kinda like a second ability/passive).

This way you don't have to worry about the annoyance of unlearning HMs (and HMs preventing you from learning good moves/being forced to delete good moves), at the same time you have to option to learn some of the more useful moves like surf for inbattle and outside.

Final example for those of us who don't understand yet:

1) Which Pokemon would like to learn Cut?
2) Pokemon X has the capability to learn this move for use in battle or passively. Would you like to learn for use in battle?

@yes: Normal HM mechanic.

@no: HM does not take a move slot, but can be used outside battle.

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