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Do we port the Poison (poison deals no damage in the overworld, or Pokemon can not faint from poison in the overworld) system from the newer games?
Hurt outside of battles YES, die outside NO Please.

Do we port the TM (never disappear) system from the newer games?
Not really I'd would be alot enjoyable if we would add the same TM 2-3 times in the hack and make people actually search for them, then having it forever in your bag.(Tm thunderbolt on the entire team would be annoying)

Do we want to use the new (combined with PokeMart) Pokemon Centers?
Well depends on the tiles you want in Tileset1.
If the Inserter knows how to save space with X/Y flips etc, and how to use manager the palletes and tiles that goes into each pallete, then it would be a really big problem to make seperate buildings for PC/mart or just one.

Do we want to implement newer breeding (Masuda method, passing abilities) techniques?
No clue tbh, I never really played Pokemon to start with those IV's or ability pass trainings(Only heard of it).
I think the only game where I have encountered until now was Dragon warrior Monster where you breeded to the best monsters. And it was fun at the beginning, but got boring later.

Do we remove the need of badges to use HM field moves?
GOD NO, maybe if possible make HM like items. Find a swort and cut trees, get a Power bracelet and move rocks etc (LoZ reference), but then for surf and waterfall I'd still keep it for a pokemon.(Super human climbing waterfalls like in the olympics)

Do we port the newer EXP system?
I'm not really familiar with this system(Last game I've played was HG/SS&P/P/D, but I think its like a Lv.15 pokemon doesn't get 32 exp from a Lv.4 Wild pokemon, I might be wrong though.
Would make grinding alot harder, but of course if the difficulty Level of the hack isn't that hard as some XXXX hard version, then this system would'nt be that out off place.
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