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I would be in utter shock, like would I have any of the items transported with me? Would I have my iPhone in my pocket or would it just simply cease to exist? I would think about my family but the realisation would come to pass that I may never see them again, so I would probably move on.

After gaining my bearings, I would most likely travel eastward to New Bark Town, assuming I was transported to Cherrygrove, and make my way to the Pokemon lab and get a Pokemon (not steal it like that idiot Silver) and begin my journey. Because Johto is nicely connected, I would most likely go along the trainer route and then I would be able to take the Magnet Train to Kanto.
You don't know how much I would love to settle down on one of the Sevii Islands, occasionally making my way back to Johto, like on an annual pilgrimage, to where I was teleported just to mutter the words. 'This is where it all changed...'.
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