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Normal - Kangaskhan: I love the design of kangaskhan and that is based on an Australian icon. But on top of that it is quite powerful and can learn several fairly good moves.

Fire - Charizard: Charizard really is one of the single most badass pokemon in existence. I love not only its design but also its characterisation in the anime. It's got great stats and a fairly good movepool to boot.

Fighting - Lucario: I quite like several fighting types but lucario outclasses them all and is my number #1 favourite pokemon so far. It is awesomely powerful, has a good movepool and typing as well as the coolest design I have ever seen in pokemon. The interesting characterisations it has received have also been very interesting.

Water - Feraligatr: I don't even know why I like it, I just do. I instantly loved it as soon as I saw it.

Flying - Staraptor: Staraptor was the first truly awesome non-legendary bird with good stats, design and an ok movepool. It set a standard for flying types that the next gen tried very hard to keep. (Honourable mention to Togekiss, the dorky name cost it really).

Grass - Sceptile: The first fully evolved grass-type to not look ridiculous (well venosaur isn't THAT bad but it doesn't compete) it has good stats as do most starters and arguably the best movepool of any grass type. Again the anime portrayal of it did help. (Honourable mention to shiftry purely for design)

Poison - Toxicroak and Crobat: I really couldn't decide between them at all. Both have awesome designs and whilst crobat is generally better for battling I just couldn't not include Toxicroak.

Electric - Jolteon: Honestly I don't really like many electrict types so it was pretty easy to narrow it down to jolteon that gets #1 electric based purely on design.

Ground - Marrowack: I'm not much of a ground-type fan in general but I love the Cubone/Marrowack story and honestly it is just an awesome looking pokemon.

Psychic - Mewtwo: I tried really hard not to pick a legendary but I just couldn't top Mewtwo. The stats, the history, the character and the design. Just wow. Honestly it was my favourite until Lucario came along and I'm still a huge fan.

Rock - Kabutops: I am a colossal fan of most fossil type and this one was close between Aerodactyl, Kabutops, Rampardos and Armaldo but in the end Kabutops just looks so ridiculously badass and has such a cool mega kick animation on Stadium that I couldn't pick anything else.

Ice - Vanilite/Vailuxe: A tie between stages one and three. The combination of stats, cuteness, uniqueness and moves just makes this one for me too be honest. Although for some reason I hate Vanilish.

Bug - Pinsir: Just because... How could you look at it and not think of how awesome it is?

Dragon - Flygon: Good stats, good movepool and the most unique design of all the dragon types to date. It really is seriously underated always being beaten out by Salamence (whose design I don't like much) and Garchomp but I find it hard to think of anything I dislike about it. I'll admit this was hard though since dragon is one of my favourite types. (Honourable mention to Garchomp and Dialga).

Dark - Umbreon: It is the most awesome of all the eeveelutions and has good stats and moves on top of that.

Steel - Agron: It is honestly just the most awesomely designed off all the steel types (except Lucario) but as a lover of steel types this was hard. I gave it to Agron for the power/defence/looks/moves it has everything whilst others have only a few of those elements (and I picked Lucario for fighting lol). (Metagross and Dialga came close).

Ghost - Gengar: It's creepy and cool at the same time. I mean, how awesome is a living shadow, AND it has good stats and moves.

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