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Quote originally posted by jerichob10:
I'm no sure if i am correct on this but isnt there going to be another season because there was a lot more in the manga? Just something to think about. And i really liked ALF online but not nearly as much as i liked SAO. SAO was just so much better because there was actual risk involved, Dont get me wrong i still enjoyed watching the series but it didnt start getting really heated until very end. And tbh i really disliked kiritos avatar in ALF, his SAO avatar was much better.
Let's be exact here. Manga covers only Aincrad, so not even Sister Affection Online is covered by manga
The thing you meant is most likely Light Novel =)

Quote originally posted by Twihiki_Amias:
I of course also like Asuna, she's bad ass.
Especially with dat ass she has shown in episode 10 xD

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