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Alice Crenshaw

It appeared that Whitney, thanks to her gadgets, realised Alice's "strategy" to try to hold on longer. Alice bit her lip, seeing as Pidge used its wings to make a gust of wind that Jello was unable to dodge. The purple ball-like Pokémon looked like he could endure a couple more attacks, but that would be it. Alice had to make a move, an offensive one. And fast, to see if she was lucky enough to take her opponent down with her. She thought of what move to use, and remembered something that Jello had learned during that brief training session with Roxas; and gave Jello the command in order to stop herself from thinking about the boy.

"Hidden Power, now!"

Jello was beginning to get used to not being able to see a little bit. Not that it actually mattered, as he glew with an orange aura and then released some energy from deep inside of him. The energy was seen as a whole bunch of orange balls flying everywhere, so despite the fact that the oddly colored Solosis was blinded, there was a good chance that his foe would be hit by the attack.
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