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would there be a program where i can just edit one? and if not thats ok,my friend came up with an idea lol and ty on XSE program version

And i tried that and usetd the same code and i got this
Too less parameters on line 4. The correct number is 2
i have no number on line four

"#dynamic 0x2DD103

#org @start
message @pointer
callstd 0x3

#org @hello
= You are here

#org @talk1"
C: creating a Hack "Pokemon Nightmare Version" There will be a Pokemon Dream as a sequel! A thread will be put up :D

To be changed to Terror!
Ive been let aware of a Pokemon Nightmare Hack being released already, i waited to long, and i checked it out and it looks really cool
I wanted to keep a connection to Nightmare, so i thought of Night Terrors, and kept Terror!

Currently in Design Stage, will be begin to code in around a month!
Pokemon Dream will be the sequel and made Somewhat after.