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Lucas McGuire - Forest Exit

Lucas laughs as the floating ball begins to nudge him in a playful manner. Lucas smiles at Holly, “Well, I’m typically the same as Kayla then. I’ll go wherever the crowd goes” Lucas says with a grin. “And a parade would be pretty fun! We could probably use those Pineco as fireworks” Lucas joked. Heracross flutters beside Holly and begins to make a clicking noise, with it makes a cheesy grin towards Holly. “Aww looks like Heracross, is taking a liking to you also” Lucas added.

Aipom still running by the Tepig’s side begins to laugh more. Deciding to pull more pranks on Jasmine, Aipom burrows underground. The monkeys digging kept up to speed with the pigs running, and Aipom began to makes potholes just as Jasmine’s feet were about to touch the ground. Eventually Aipom does hear a tripping sound, and falls to the ground and begins to shriek. Suddenly a sleepy, yet disturbed Pokemon begins to walk through Aipom’s tunnel. The loud metal footsteps creep closer, as the monkey’s laughter got louder and louder.
Role-Plays I'm in:

Patrick McCallion in Time and Space: Phanpy

Lucas McGuire in Pokemon Trainer's Academy: Aipom, Heracross, Aron

Lucas McGuire in Unova Masters: Tepig
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