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I don't think it's very effective to say it's "definitely" a certain type because of its name. I could argue that it's a flying type because the name sounds like a sylph (an air spirit that's usually female) or a nymph (a female nature spirit that could be associated with the air). So I don't think we should be basing anything off the names just yet.

I can't think of anything it could really be, though. It doesn't really look like it was made to be a specific type, with all the other eeveelutions have features or designs where we can clearly see their types by looking at them. Vaporeon's fins, Jolteon's coloration and spikes, Espeon's gem, etc. The only think that Sylveon really looks like to me is normal, which would be really disappointing. Honestly I was hoping for an eeveelution that looked more like its type, ex. a flying type with wings or one more insectlike. I guess it could be a dragon but it just seems really.. graceful, which idk is not how I think of dragon types as.