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Quote originally posted by Garoucher:
Doduo and Dodrio can learn fly because they spin their heads like a helicopter. Or they do a giant jump. It is the most logical explanation.

They DO have wings (look up their pokedex entries on bulbapedia or wherever else), they're just hella short and they blend in with the rest of their bodies.

Quote originally posted by Sweets Witch:
It's got nothing to do with appearances, but I never really liked that a fair amount of Ground types learned Mud Sport. Its effect ends when the user switches out, so why even bother using it in the first place if you're immune to it?

As someone else mentioned, I believe Mud Sport is meant to be used in double battles.

Quote originally posted by Elendil:
I don't get how lucario learns dragon pulse. I mean okay its the Aura Pokemon, but dragon pulse literally makes no sense. Other reptilian Pokemon sure, but a mammal, it makes no sense.

It is very questionable....the Aura thing would be its only excuse for learning that, and it's not a very good one.

Quote originally posted by The_Consumer:
What?!! Haha...
The kinds of Pokemon that can learn Toxic despite being about as poisonous as a healing antidote.
Mew can learn anything which is crazy...
Juat some from the top of my head.

For the whole Toxic thing, I guess every pokemon (aside from Unown) has some kind of bio-hazard in its body that could be poisonous. It's worth looking into...

Mew learning anything really isn't crazy at all. And IIRC, it canNOT learn Sketch and Chatter, for some reason.

Quote originally posted by Yoshistar64:
Dunsparce learns Glare at level 12. Look at this thing!

Love Dunsparce though!

I figure that Dunsparce, being a snake, can contort its face to make a glare.

Quote originally posted by Kurapika:
How in hell Surf is "Water" typed when used by Pikachu, Snorlax (yes this fat guy can "surf"), ... in the middle of desert... ?!
Murkrow and Diglett can learn Sucker Punch... Punch... Punch... Punch...Punch... Punch...

Why WOULDN'T Surf be Water typed? Even if Pikachu is using it, you still need water to's not unbelievable. Snorlax can do butterfly stroke......
About that bit "in the middle of desert," I have no idea what you're talking about, actually.

According to bulbapedia, the Japanese version of Sucker Punch literally means "surprise attack". Also, a sucker punch doesn't exactly HAVE to be a punch, you know.

Quote originally posted by lollygag:
I still find it odd that the Seel line can learn Thief, but the Spheal line cannot.

....I guess the Spheal line is too heavy to steal effectively

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