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I would love to live in Johto in general, because there isn't one place there that I wouldn't enjoy living in! Maybe that just means I like the friendly and chill atmosphere of the Pokemon universe in general, but there is no other region I'd rather live. Not by a long shot.

I'd love to live in Azalea Town, not because it has aspects that I like in real life, but mostly because it reminds me most of my childhood in Cebu City (I know Azalea isn't a city, haha!). It's just such a chill place, like peaceful living and ish like that. It's surrounded by a forest, and its atmosphere and location gave me a kind of looking-into-the-future and thinking-of-the-old-times feeling!

I would like walking around with that awesome music playing overhead all the time, as if that's actually how it works

Also, these!

Quote originally posted by Musketeer:
I'd so live in Ecruteak or Cianwood. Reason for Ecruteak is that I love the pagoda style houses and Japanese themed music, and I really like Bell Tower.

Quote originally posted by Toshiro.:
Olivine. I would love to live there because it seems really peaceful there, and you got a beach close by! Also lighthouses are cool hah.

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