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Hey there fortworth96, in response to the CMT. I'd be interested in these:

TRU Arceus (Lv. 100)
Hardy nature
Ability: Multitype
Stats: 371/272/249/267/273/262
Moves: Spacial Rend/Shadow Force/Roar of Time

Japanese Movie 13 Celebi (Lv. 51)
Hardy nature
Ability: Natural Cure
Stats: 168/123/112/108/118/109
Moves: Leaf Storm/Recover/Cut/Healing Wish

Almia Darkrai (Lv. 100)
Relaxed nature
Ability: Bad Dreams
Stats: 286/235/216/300/236/265
Moves: Dark Void/Shadow Ball/Dream Eater/Sludge Bomb

2012MAY Darkrai (Lv. 76)
Serious nature
Ability: Bad Dreams
Stats: 196/158/157/213/165/195
Moves: Dark Void/Ominous Wind/Haze/Nightmare

Japanese Plasma Genesect (Lv. 50)
Lonely nature
Ability: Download
Stats: 144/150/102/127/110/106
Moves: Techno Blast/Magnet Bomb/SolarBeam/Signal Beam

WIN2013 Keldeo (Lv. 50)
Relaxed nature
Ability: Justified
Stats: 164/86/104/144/109/109
Moves: Sacred Sword/Swords Dance/Hydro Pump/Aqua Jet

FAL2010 Mew (Lv. 6)
Rash nature
Ability: Synchronize
Stats: 29/18/18/18/16/17
Moves: Pound

Liberty Garden Victini (Lv. 15)
Impish nature
Ability: Victory Star
Stats: 55/36/38/32/37/37
Moves: Confusion/Incinerate/Quick Attack/Endure

Liberty Garden Victini (Lv. 15)
Lonely nature
Ability: Victory Star
Stats: 57/39/34/39/38/36
Moves: Confusion/Incinerate/Quick Attack/Endure

I know this is more than what you are interested in, but could you CMT again and see if there is anything else you'd like? This includes my event section. If you find anything you'd like for them, just edit them into your post.
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