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Update 1:

  • Obtained Golurk the Treecko on route 101(named after my good friend GolurkIdDaBomb)
  • Saved the prof.
  • Caught a Zigzagoon on route 103
  • Caught Derk the Lotad on route 102
  • Did the Petalburg thing with Wally
  • Caught Servine the Marill on route 104
  • defeated the Poochyena in Petablurg woods(dang Golurk and his crit)
  • Route 116 another Poochyena but this time I was sucessful.Named it Nica.
  • defeated Roxanne, Golurk battled like a boss.
  • Caught GL Jake in Rusturuf Tunnel
  • Saved Peecko and delivered goods.
  • Caught Jake the Zubat in Dewford Cave
  • Beat Brawly
  • Arrived at Slateport where Nica the Poochyena died
  • route 110 caught sophie the Plusle and defeated may but Twi the Zigzagoon died
  • Arrived at Mauville.

The Pokemon captured:

Route 101- Obtained Golurk the Treecko.
Route 103-Twi the zigzagoon
route 102- Derk the Lotad.
104- Servine the Marill
Petalburgh woods-defeated a Poochyena
Route 116-caught Poochyena
Rusturuf tunnel- Gl Jake the whismur
Dewford Cave- Jake the Zubat
route 110 caught Sophie the Plusle

Twi the Zigzagoon
Nica the poochyena

And the team before I battle around Mauville and face Wattson is: (training 4 rn waiting for better ones)