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Hey there! :3

Okay, let me start off by being a bum. ;( A&D's rules state that you need to have at least 4 examples of your work. But you said yourself that you have plenty of renders so I'm not worried. Just please remember to post one more so your gallery complies with the rules at some point! ;)

Now that all that's done with, I can gush. I honestly looked at your gallery a few times now, and I just couldn't come up with the right things to say. And to an extent, I still haven't. Obviously, there are some faults in realism with your pieces (and I don't mean because they're Pokemon). For instance, there's no shadow under Suicune, Charmander's flame, etc. But that's to be expected when you're intentionally working with such a difficult medium, epecially when you're still learning. So let me officially begin this entire post by saying that you should be very, very proud of yourself.

The depth.. that's really what stands out to me. I must have stared at Suicune's head (helmet? crest? thing?) for the better part of 15 minutes. It looks so, so incredible. I mean it actually looks like it would be cold to the touch. It's just... absolutely stunning. Those small textures in Charmander's scales and in Totodile, the blacks that you pushed into Marcargo's shell make the whole piece pop.

Did you mirror Totodile's face? Because usually I'd be against something like that (mostly because you lose the more humanistic perspective doing that), but you've really made that work for you. The symmetry keeps the eyes forward facing and believable. If you didn't mirror Totodile's face, than I give you 100 props for keeping those scales perfectly aligned. That it a true labor that I, personally, have no patience for.

So sorry it took me so long to get to this thread! Sometimes it's heard to critique art that's just that good. I also have no reference for these sorts of pieces, so it's a bit daunting I'll admit! But above all, this gallery is a fresh and innovative take on Pokemon that we haven't seen in a while. This was a real treat to look at and I sincerely hope you decide to update this often! You've certainly caught my attention. :D Great work! <33;

Oh and lastly, are these completed pieces? Or are they WIPs?
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