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Update #2

-defeated Rival at entrance to Ilex Forest
-caught a Psyduck in Ilex Forest and received HM Cut
-taught Chikorita Cut
-got to Goldenrod City, defeated Whitney, and recieved the Plain Badge
-got the Bicycle
-got to Ecruteak City and met Bill in the Pokemon Center
-returned to Goldenrod to get Eevee from Bill
-defeated the Kimono Girls and recieved HM Surf
-defeated Rival in Burned Tower
-Larvitar evolved into Pupitar before the battle with Morty
-defeated Morty and received the Fog Badge
-taught Psyduck Surf
...and I stopped here

Lv. 30

Lv. 23

HM Slaves:

Current Challenges:
Ultimate Monotype
Red(8/8) Crystal(16/16) Emerald(0/8) Platinum(0/8) Black 2(0/8) X(0/8)
Completed Challenges:
Ultimate Monotype(Gen V)

Ultimate Monotype(Gen VI)

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