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Hate be rude but does anyone have an answer to my question and problem?

I changed the message to msgbox and it allowed em to save and i put in the offset into advanced map but it doesnt stay the same nore does it open my file with the offset "2DD103"
And will i have to put the RBC files INTO the rom?
like put them into the files or will compiling put them in without the file or somethign lol cuz idk if that would be needed to give it out for others to play
and how would you edit the credits and opening files or just take me out
C: creating a Hack "Pokemon Nightmare Version" There will be a Pokemon Dream as a sequel! A thread will be put up :D

To be changed to Terror!
Ive been let aware of a Pokemon Nightmare Hack being released already, i waited to long, and i checked it out and it looks really cool
I wanted to keep a connection to Nightmare, so i thought of Night Terrors, and kept Terror!

Currently in Design Stage, will be begin to code in around a month!
Pokemon Dream will be the sequel and made Somewhat after.