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> Story time! Lets read the book!

You pull out your Totodile: Avoiding the Jaws and flick through the pages. Aside from a huge number of highly graphic images of people with Totodile clamped onto various limbs, there's not a whole lot else to see. There is a small chunk of text which outlines various articles of protective clothing that will go a long way to helping 'your over-enthusiastic little friend', but since That Thing can bite through doors and eats people more from his Endless Fount of Rage than enthusiasm, you're not sure how much help it will be. Still, if you ever see any of the gear mentioned here, you'll be sure to pick it up.

> Read "Mysterious Note" and check your inventory.

The Note appears to be from someone named Hawkins, and it looks like it was meant for Elm. It reads:


You weren't in, so I left the Long-Range Scanner Attachment you were after - the one from Bill - with your aide. It's a bit power-hungry, so be careful if you do decide to mount it – once active, it's going to drain the batteries within an hour or two.


An experimental device from Bill? Interesting. This might prove useful, if you can work out what it's meant to do.

Bloodstained Mail x1
Potion x2
Lava Cookie x6
Poké Ball x1
Hyper Potion x2
Miracle Seed x1
Shiny Stone x1
Hambone x1
Long-Range Scanner Attachment x1
Mysterious Note x1
Half a Cup of Cold Coffee x1
Elm's Key x1
Togepi Egg Shard x1

> Let Totodile out and attempt to become best friends with him, and if that doesn't work throw the book at him!

You let That Thing out, and note that he seems to have regained consciousness, though he doesn't look like he feels up to moving around. Even when he sees you, he makes only a half-hearted snap in the direction of your face. That electric shock must have hurt him pretty badly.

“Thing,” you say soothingly, sitting down next to him. “It's time we had a chat.”

That Thing watches you carefully.

“We got off on the wrong foot,” you say. “You broke down my door and stole my shoe, I threw a cake at you and stuck your head in a TV. It's been a difficult relationship.”

That Thing's gaze does not waver, and you think maybe – just maybe – you might be getting through to him.

“I know we've had our differences,” you tell him. “I know things haven't been easy. But... for the sake of finding out what's wrong here... Can't we just go back to the start, and try this again?”

That Thing stares at you with something approaching love in his eyes, and you open your arms to embrace him, and he moves towards you, nuzzling your cheek affectionately—

—no, wait, he's just trying to eat your face.

Damn it!

You whack him with the book, pushing him away, and then recall him. Stupid crocodile.

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