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Walking through the blizzard
Striving to survive
Wanting to live
Not wanting to die
Striving to survive
Hands and legs numbing
Ears and eyes aching
Striving to survice

Mind breaking soul freezing
Hands shaking voice trembling
Striving to survive
This hail is freezing me
Freezing my soul
Freezing my bones
Freezing me whole
And I...die...

NO! Trying to see past the light
Unable to fight (NO!)
Walking past the pearly gates
Cursing my legs
Unable to stop the drop
Striving to survive

Saints and all laughing at me
Looking down on me
Cursing them, biting the dust ,unable to agree
Fighting back this feeling
Striving to survive

(Yeah this is what I could improvise) :D I guess itll do.

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