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spoilered for length:
Pikachu is sub-optimal because it's not fully evolved and when armed with Light Ball has offensive stats on par with Rayquaza- Raichu on the other hand is more service-able. I'm referring more to mons that are irredeemably horrible even for in-game use.

(base stats are ordered hp/atk/def/satk/sdef/speed)

Furret: 85/76/64/45/55/90, Run Away/Keen Eye/(Frisk)
Kangaskhan: 105/95/80/40/80/90, Early Bird/Scrappy/(Inner Focus)
Ambipom: 75/100/66/60/66/115, Technician/Pick Up/(Skill Link)
Miltank: 95/80/105/40/70/100, Thick Fat/Scrappy/(Sap Sipper)
Stoutland: 85/100/90/45/90/80, Intimidate/Sand Rush/(Scrappy)

What exactly is Furret supposed to do? Even the humble Kangaskhan eclipses it in every stat except Special Attack, which is irrelevant as it's still a worse special attacker than Machoke. Its abilities are borderline useless- Run Away is rendered redundant by a fast lead, Pokedolls, or just carrying Potions around. Keen Eye is situationally useful, but accuracy lowering moves disappear after early-game. Frisk is okay but still nowhere near as powerful as Scrappy or Technician. In terms of moves they get...Sucker Punch, Focus Punch, and Hone Claws. The latter would be better if it had inaccurate moves to abuse it with, but they don't even get the FR Mega Punch tutor so it's essentially Howl. It does enjoy decent 85/64/55 bulk...which actually isn't far off from Infernape's maligned 76/71/71.

Flareon: 65/130/60/95/110/65 Flash Fire/(Guts)

I'm not going to provide other mons next to this one because you probably know exactly what I'm getting at- the fact that this thing doesn't get any Fire STAB more powerful than Fire Fang. Consequently, its most damaging attack is actually Fire Blast, making its best stat is largely irrelevant. Contrast with the other Eeveelutions, which all have decent attacking choices and movesets that complement their stats, and you start to see why nobody uses Flareon in serious play.

Ariados: 70/90/70/60/60/40 Swarm/Insomnia/(Sniper)
Beedrill: 65/80/40/45/80/75 Swarm/(Sniper)
Scolipede: 60/90/89/55/69/112 Poison Point/Swarm/(Quick Feet)

What are these supposed to be accomplishing? All of them have offensive stats combined with terrible offensive typing- Poison hits nothing SE that Bug doesn't already, and entirely misses out on Steel. Scolipede at least has Megahorn to give it a little more oomph, along with being a fast Spiker- the other two aren't so lucky. Did you know Ariados's strongest Bug move is Bug Bite?

Excadrill: 110/135/60/50/65/88, Sand Force/Sand Rush/(Mold Breaker)
Staraptor: 85/120/70/50/50/100, Intimidate/(Reckless)

Now, I'm sure you're looking at these examples and saying to yourself, "This guy is only listing early-game mons that are supposed to be outclassed!" Well, these are for you. Drilbur is available shortly after the first badge in BW and just after the second in BW2. It begins immediately carrying weight with a base 85 Attack (pretty high for an NFE) and immunity to Volt Switch. Also worth noting is that they get Rock Slide at level 29 and Earthquake at level 36. The latter is their most powerful attack, and usually isn't available until very late in the game- the former gives them near-perfect coverage, missing out on only a few obscure mons like Flygon, Bronzong, and Breloom. To top it off, they then learn Swords Dance at 42- many weaker Unova mons haven't even evolved by this point.

Staraptor is even worse, being available on the very first route in Sinnoh along with almost every other route in case you decided to make a bad decision and not use it. Staraptor is blessed with Close Combat on evolution which makes it very powerful. Flying+Fighting coverage is frightening, being resisted only by Emolga, Zapdos, and Rotom. Guess how many of those you meet in Sinnoh? It also has Intimidate and U-Turn, and one of the most powerful attacks in the game in the form of Brave Bird. Did you know banded Reckless Brave Bird from Staraptor can 2HKO Lugia?

So yeah I don't think Furret and Raticate and company are underpowered for good reason. If a starling gets to be the war-build engine of death, why can't a ferret?

Farfetch'd: 52/65/55/58/62/60 Keen Eye/Inner Focus/(Defiant)

I think there's some sort of Godwin's Law for mentioning Farfetch'd in a discussion about balance, so I'm going to stop now.

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