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Originally Posted by rainerman3 View Post
Hmm, so the only way to earn gold is by earning points? That's a bummer, that means that I can only buy a few items. Oh and since we the warlords get a 50 point head start, doesn't that mean we get umm, the random item? Oh and I was kinda tired yesterday so I didn't see that I can name my partner.
I'll name him Trek if you don't mind. :3

I might include a Mine Feature Update sometime, where Warriors/Warlords could VM me about them wanting to use the Mining Feature. This possible future update can only be used once every two days, and the Gold might only range from 15 to 55.

Done and done, hover over your name to see the Item you received. At any time, if you want to equip it to your Pokémon, just PM me and it would be sorted out.