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Well, 'freestyle' does allow quuite a lot of freedom since you can pretty much enter any sort of art into it but I still fail to see how most graphic artists and photographers will be able to compete in this contest with traditional/digital artists. I mean, sure, there are some graphic artists who can make their works from scratch -coughgav&christinacough- but they are quite few in number. Others won't be able to enter. And photography is...a little too different, I think? It'll be hard to judge two entries which are so very dissimilar from each other on a fundamental level - if one's a traditional drawing and other is a photograph, I mean. Or I'm probably missing something. Thoughts, people? Seriously, I wanna do something where everyone can come together but it can't really happen like this, I'm afraid. :c

As for Pokemon anime...why not go for a different topic altogether? I mean, we just had fakemons, you know. I don't really mind if you all support it, though. :p