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Little late posting this but I actually started it a few days back. My partner is playing alongside me; we're playing black and white.

Slightly altered the rules: All our nicknames are famous pairings, and a few of the pokemon were traded from HG/SS as there was no choice either of us fancied for some of the options.

My team: [playing black]

The present: Tirtouga. Named Clyde. [Holding everstone]

The valentine: Charmander. Named Kat. [Holding everstone]

The Attraction: Glameow. Named Jessie. [Holding razor claw]

The Duo: Miltank. Named Barbie. [Holding shell bell]

The Pink: Gorebyss. Named She Ra. [Holding mystic water]

The Flower: Bulbasaur. Named Pebble. [Holding miracle seed]


Her Team: [Playing white]

The present: Archen. Named Bonnie. [Holding everstone]

The valentine: Scolipede. Named Kitty. [Holding poison barb]

The Attraction: Woobat. Named James. [[Holding everstone]

The Duo: Tauros. Named Ken. [Holding scope lense]

The Pink: Slowbro. Named He Man. [Holding shell bell]

The Flower: Bulbasaur. Named BamBam. [Holding miracle seed]

Together, we have each just beaten the 6th gym, and it's going pretty well.