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Made my way to Olivine City. I met Clu there, while still a jerk I didn't have to fight him.

Since there was no trainer in the gym I headed to the lighthouse. Took a couple of minutes to figure out how to get to the top. After finding out I needed to get medicine getting down was easy.

I headed east after healing. Seeing the Battle Tower I decide to go take it on, only to find out I can't. I head south instead through the maze of water. After making it to Cianwood I enter the first house I see. Out of terror the guy gives me Shuckie the Shuckle who's stuck post haste into the nearest PC terminal. Although I think I'd try to get my pets back if someone stole them, or at the least called the police.

Took on Gym Muscle with minimal effort, although I did have to go out and heal once. 5/8 badges obtained at this point. After getting the medicine from the pharmacy I swam back to Olivine only to figure out that the Gym Leaders wife has Fly, so I swam back to get that. Tick Tock the Hoot Hoot was taken out for the time being for a fly slave.

Flew back to Olivine and entered the cafe to get strength. After that I headed back up to give the Ampharos medicine. Once completed I headed to the Gym. Seeing as all the other gyms were cake to this point I take on the lone little girl. Much to my horror I die 3 times to her Steelix whom I'm 14 levels higher than at this point. I decide it's time to level a bit.

I swam past Mt. Mortor to Mahogony town to do the Lake of Rage quest line. After an hour of figuring out where to go I enter the house to the secret Rocket Base. Going through was pretty easy and I'm done with it in no time.

At this point I'm a level 52 and I figure I'm more than high enough to ruin the Steelixs day. I was wrong. After two more losses I teach Tron Dynamic Punch. I nearly run out of PP before taking it down. 6/8 obtained and I hate this Gym. On the plus side, Iron Tail, so Tron learns that.

Once that was all done I headed to the Radio Tower in Goldenrod. Had to heal up twice before finishing it due to quickly diminishing PP reserves but all in all, it was no trouble. The stupid button puzzle in the Underground Basement however, got me lost for 4 days. I'll be honest, felt like a noob for not knowing the solution was 3-2-1. Yeah...moving right along. Also took on Clu, his team falls easy.

Got the keycard from the Director in the Basement. I'm sure he'll see himself out somehow. After beating the Executive it seems I've saved the Radio Tower, the Director, and Pokemon. All in a days work. After that I headed to Tin Tower. Suicune was captured after 2 Iron Tails, 1 Poke Ball, and 1 Great Ball. I got lucky and Borealis the Suicune is inducted into the PC of northern lights.

Somewhere along the line I forgot to record my 7th badge. So yeah, I'm at 7/8. I remember the frost gym being pretty easy with the big wooly mamoth taking a few hits to bring down. Also, while at Rage Lake I catch Musashi the Farfetch'd and teach it both Cut and Fly. Tick Tock is stuck back and I've got my team for the rest of the game.

I decided after Suicune to see what I missed in Mt. Mortor. After getting some nice items I head east past Mahogony Town and enter the Ice Caves. All the puzzles are easy and I end up in Black Thorn in no time. After some supplies it's time for gym 8.

Claire's gym shows no challenge as everything but a Dratini and her Kingdra go in one hit. The Dratini I accidentally hit with a Mud Slap (This replaced Dynamic Punch) and got a Dragon Rage to the face. Her Kingdra survived 3 Thunderbolts before biting the dust. Unfortunately she hasn't given me the badge yet so 7/8 still.

All in all I got lost a lot and leveled a ton. Hence the ginormous update.

Tron the Raichu LV: 56
HP: 167
Special Defense: 120
Speed: 142

Mud Slap (Replaced Dynamic Punch)/ Headbutt / Iron Tail / Thunderbolt

Milo the Psyduck: Rock Smash / Whirlpool / Surf / Flash
Kida the Psyduck: Strength / Waterfall / Disable / Dig
Musashi the Farfetch'd: Peck / Fly / Leer / Cut

Tron the Riachu Ultimate Solo Challenge:
Leaf Green - Completed: 8 of 8 badges obtained, Elite 4 defeated
Crystal - 7 of 8 badges obtained - 0 of 8 badges obtained - Red not defeated
Emerald -
Platinum -
White 2 -
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