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Update for my Ruby challenge


Badges Obtained:

Current Pokemon Team:

Shadia, the Quirky Duskull♀, level 26
Ability: Levitate
Moveset: Toxic, Facade, Shadow Ball & Confuse Ray

Tessy, the Timid Lairon♀, level 36
Ability: Sturdy
Moveset: Rock Tomb, Iron Tail, Mud Slap & Headbutt

The Sassy Weezing♂, level 37
Ability: Levitate
Moveset: Smokescreen, Secret Power, Sludge Bomb & Slefdestruct

The Bold Swampert♂, level 36
Ability: Torrent
Moveset: Dig, Bide, Strength & Surf

Mimi, the Brave Mightyena♀, level 36
Ability: Intimidate
Moveset: Strength, Swagger, Sand-Attack & Bite

I didn't get to play much this weekend :C
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