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Quote originally posted by wafflecar:
When this is done, message me and playing shall commence!!!!
I promise I will!
Quote originally posted by tigs15:
sorry i didnt see the reply to the person where you said you would add the evolutions but it was kind of hidden. Also i got confused because you said "Try what ive done so far" and called it the demo so i thought it was part of prototype.
Yeah, you're right. I'm sorry for sounding snobbish before. I was out of line.
Quote originally posted by egiannis:
This hack it seems very interesting how is the progress coming along?
Thank you! And I've had trouble finding time to work on this lately. This is my second semester of senior year and I have a lot of end of the year projects, and there are a lot of math team and science club competitions picking up so my weekends haven't been very free lately. I work on it when I can, but no exciting progress lately.
Quote originally posted by M-ourad:
Your hack is a master piece!
Haha, thanks alot! Have you tried out the graphics patch?

Hacks made from my Pokémon Red - Gen. II Graphics Patch (V2.0 JUST RELEASED):
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Pokemon Ice Blue by Dradier234
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Pokemon Red: Legends by BroskiRage
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