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Originally Posted by Serperion View Post

To answer Umbr30n I can only assume you are referring to Lugia
Although there is no pokemon who is the leader of a Trio who is also part of that trio and Psychic type, removing the Psychic type you may refer to Rayquaza or Kyurem
Lugia is correct. It is the Boss of the Legendary Birds Trio (Moltres, Zapdos, and Articuno).

Just a few notes:
-When I say "This Pokémon is of ? Type", it is either the Pokémon's only Type or one of it's Types.
-Some Legendary Trios have an Extra Pokémon that is the Boss.

Originally Posted by ShadowMirror View Post
Is it Uxie for Umbr30n's one
Nope. Lugia.


This Pokémon is weaker than Magikarp as of Base Stat.
This Pokémon is of Bug-Type.
It is exclusive to White and White 2.
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