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I have a huge request, and though it's mostly recoloring, it's a lot.

Could you edit sprites to make them look like the pokemon in this picture?


That means John as Mew, Rose as Banette, Dave as Scraggy, Jade as Eevee, Karkat as Krabby, Aradia as Flaaffy, Tavros as Taurus, Sollux as Girafarig, Nepeta as Purrloin, Kanaya as Crobat, Terezi as Deino, Vriska as Ariados, Equius as Machoke, Gamzee as Gastly, Eridan as Kingdra and Feferi as Phione. (If you need to know who they are, google ''Homestuck <insert name here>".)

Again, they are mostly recolors, but there are small details like eyewear and things shaped like horns ( The smoke around Gastly is shaped like Gamzee's horns, Deino has hair stuff shaped like Terezi's horns and so on ). You can do these at your own pace, not wanting to rush you ^_^

Anyways thanks for the Vriska!
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