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Been over a year since you created your account, wow! Never too late to get involved in the forum though, so a big welcome back to you. ^_^

Like the others said, I hope you enjoy your time here. You'll meet plenty of people and get into a lot of fun discussions so it's always worth it to drop the lurking habits and get involved, haha. Make sure you've read the rules though - they're very important to ensure you avoid making mistakes. If you ever need help, look through the Forum Leaders page and contact one of the staff members that are listed - they're always happy to help out, myself included. <3 By the way, am I wrong in assuming you like the third gen going by your avatar? Brendan is awesome and I wish he got more screentime in R/S/E. ;_;

Buut anyway, if you'd like to get to know other new (and older!) users, I highly recommend the New Users' Hangout so that's another option for you if you're interested. Hope you have a blast regardless of what it is you choose to do here; enjoy your stay, great meeting you, and contact me or our amazing members anytime if you ever need anything. :D

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