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Wild theory time because why not.

Ichigo is an experiment of unlimited potential, like the Hogyouku but in human form. His ability is to adapt and survive, he is simply a big ball of instinct that absorbs everything around him. His first sword was so basic because the only one he had seen was Rukia's, it improved second time round after gaining experience fighting with Renji and losing to Byakuya. The thing with his "mum" (Probably a set up, what better way to give someone a protecting nakama fetish), fights with hollows, the menos and later the chain in the shattered shaft introduced him to those abilities which he would appear in him when he needs. His only attacks are ones that Isshin has, he picked them up subconsciously whilst living in the Kurosaki houshold for all those year. His bankai looks and works differently to everyone else's as he obtained it not really knowing much about it, he only really knew it would boost his power and that's all it does. He gains the mask after training with the masks, he gains fullbring after training with fullbringers, that is how he works. The only thing he won't be able to obtain is the thing all of his actions seem to be based on, that of course being
The Heart