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Originally Posted by Cirrus View Post
No surprises re: Konami's financial plan here. Fire Fists, Mermails and Inverz are going to dominate.

Wind-Ups aren't dead but are nerfed. Rai-Oh at two is an interesting choice. Don't know why Reborn wasn't banned... hmm.

Those are about it (my thoughts on the banlist).
Eh, Evilswarm will be like Dark World: They win the first duel in the match, but then Shadow-Imprisoning Mirror kills 'em in the next 2.

As for Mermails, yeah, they are annoying, but they'll be handled in September. Already, I am hoping for Abysslinde at 0 and Abyss-Sphere at 1.

I'm not really convinced yet that Fire Fists are that amazing of a deck, I mean, they're good, but I'm much more worried about the Prophecy/Spellbook archetype. Whereas I see Fire Fists as more of a high-tier 2 deck, Prophecy is easily a tier 1 deck.

Inzektors are also dead due to Sangan's ban, which means that there will be much rejoicing!

My tier predictions are:

Tier 1:

Tier 2:
Fire King
Dino Rabbit
Fire Fist
Chaos Dragons

Tier 3:
Dark World
Six Samurai
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