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Nathan - South Floroma

Nath sat staring into the sun for a while before attempting to try again. He was moderately happy, and already planning his next move. He had two things in mind... Solaceon and Beedrill, but he would have to focus on Beedrill first, as he made a promise to help this town, and to help it's flowers and food grow. Nath knew that he would have to come back regularly to help it again, but he also knew he could help the rest of Sinnoh's plants grow too. Nath sat up and prepared to focus

A strange tingly feeling was inside his head, as he tried to focus on talking. "It's ok, you are safe," were the words he kept repeating. It was dificult, and tiring, Nath almost collapsed with a headache! It wasn't for about 10 minutes before a small sign of life showed. A small voice! It said "I'm here please can you hear me?" A voice finnaly! Nath tried to quietly calm down the pokemon and said "I can hear you! You are safe with me."

There was quite a silence for a few minutes, 5 to be precise. Suddenly, the beedrill finnaly spoke clearly, and quite confidently. It said "My name, is Buzz, I am grateful that you saved me, but reaching your head was dificult, something quite strong was blocking my spiritual energy... (cough) Anyways, I am your humble companion now, so fuse with me as you wish!

Nath knew that Buzz would be perfect for Nath. It was polite, and calm, but obviously quite timid. There was quite a shy tone in this spirits voice.

'Let's try fusing then!'

Nath was a bit unsteady at first but quite quickly got steady. Beedrill was another sky based pokemon, just like Noctowl, so flying wasn't much of a problem. Nath hovered out of the barn he was sitting in to tell te townspeople the good news.


Nath felt good after helping the townspeople. Nath discovered that this Beedrill could also make plants grow in SUPER TIME, which might be very helpful in the future. He looked upon the new Floroma Town (he done the whole town not just the south) It was a very noticeable change. Lots of berries now grew were shriveled up ones had been before, and many weeds and vines had disapeared. Although the town and it's surroundings were still rather screwed up (in the sense that there were still many vines and weeds) Nath felt really good about himself, for the first time in a long time. It was nice being able to see people that don't treat him like dirt. He turned around to look for his next destination, the road to Children's city. There Nath could rest and take a break from all the travelling.

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