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Yep, Wii U, PS4, and PC is looking mighty tempting at this point, Sony is bringing the goods. MS better not be this good, cause that would mean I would be fussing over which current gen console to buy for the first time in ages. The controller being share and options is crazy though, its really shaking things up, and making Nintendo looking a bit outdated for having them. But hey, diversity is a cool thing, power to Sony for all I care.

Knack looks pretty cool, the artstyle is interesting to say the least. No jaggies is what's throwing me off though, I'm not sure if its a cutscene or real time.

WOW. All that extra ram? Game restore points, downloading games while you play others, and even playing games while your downloading. Multitasking up the wazoo and I love it. I am also an OS slave a dirty dirty os slave, and I would buy the console just for that OS. Good god is that clean and minimal.

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