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I don't agree with his comments but I can understand where he is coming from.

There are a lot of cases where people, fearing for their lives, killed a innocent person, sometimes their own children.

One person shot at a car, numerous times, because it pulled into his driveway. He didn't go outside and talk to the people, he just grabbed his gun and started firing. He killed one person, the driver.

One person ended up shooting his own son - He seen something outside, and automatically pulled out his gun and started shooting. It's been a while since I read this so I can't remember all the details about it - I don't know if his son died as a result - but I do think that his sons age was 15.

One person killed his son right after he got the gun - He purchased the gun because he wanted something to protect his family with, and it went off when he got into his car, killing his 3 year old son who was most likely what he sought to protect.

His point is that, as people are now, a lot of them would rather instantly go for their gun, shooting to kill, just because they don't feel exactly right about a situation, rather then confirm that they are, in fact, in some form of danger. Attacking when you can't be sure if you are at risk isn't defensive - Some would argue that it is, and I pray to got that these people never get into a place of power where they could start a war - It's offensive. The only time that it's considered to be defensive action is when you are certain that you are at risk.

Edit - Although, Conservatives screwed themselves in this situation. Instead of confronting him about these comments they immediately started making jokes about it and relating it to other situations. Frankly, that they would try to claim the high ground in this case is disgusting - Because they decided to turn this into a game, making wild accusations, instead of confronting him and asking for clarification.

Compared to Todd Akins claims, Democrats could joke about it - He was direct enough in his statements and later stood by them.
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