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Quote originally posted by kinataki:
i wanna criticize your last work.(if i may )

that thing looks fantastic!
but you can try adding more smoothness.

look at the parts inside circles:

they look like inside of eachother. i mean it looks good but it would look better if you change this.
into this
im just saying that as a fan of your work and i've seen this things in your other works it bugged me a little bit. i am not an expert but i believe it looked better in the second one.
Either way, thanks for your criticisms but I think I will keep it as is.
and sun is white lol
It's a style of pixel art I chose to not have it pillow shaded as you did for a more simplistic look I didn't want it to be a realistic scene, and the person I made it for said he prefers it this way as well.

Quote originally posted by Logiedan:
It does bug me too. Honestly the whole outline ruins it for me, the fact that you're placing a sprite over a pixel art scene makes it iffy. You should just remove the outline and anti-alias the foreground with the background.
Personal preference I suppose, this is the style I chose and do not plan on changing. Also it's not a sprite It's just simplistic pixel art of the fake if you look closer. But thanks for your criticism, I will take it into consideration next time, however I will be keeping this the way it is for now C:

Quote originally posted by BeanBag:
They look amazing, you have some serious skill in the ways of the pixel. Teach me the ways of the pixel, oh great one!
haha thanks C:

Quote originally posted by B3andon:
I love your work!

And thanks for the tutorial I have little to almost no experience with making Fakemon so your tutorial useful and a good way of looking at it. If you made more tutorials

I would be sure to check them out! (:
thanks so much :D glad I could be of assistance, I might end up making more tutorials in the future but idk yet

E=alones;7544714]Kinataki, you really think that pillow shading you did there looks better than the original?

Also, the outline in front of a pixel art scene brings DPP art direction into mind. Just wonderful.[/QUOTE]

thanks so much! <3
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