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Would you risk trying to rape a woman if you don't know if he has a gun
I think your getting your genders confused.

This thing thought is that, really, concealed carry doesn't make you safer. Compared to open carry, your actually more at risk because, as you say, no one knows if you are carrying a weapon.

If you've got your gun out in the open - As opposed to hidden somewhere, which also makes it harder to draw compared to open carry - then no one will mess with you.

I'm against conceled carry because of this - It doesn't make you any safer. Your still going to be just as at risk as anyone else. If you want to be safe, let people see the gun you are carrying. The fear, if or if not - won't keep people away. But the knowledge that this person is armed will.

As for gun control, my opinion is pretty much if you want to use military grade or military style weapons then go and join the military. Other then that, as long as we have regulations in place to keep them out of the hands of the mentally disturbed, then I'm fine with other guns.

Edit - As for banning guns, supply and demand plays apart here. Less supply, it's harder to get them and those still on market are going to be more expensive. While the cost wouldn't apply to criminals, the greatly reduced supply will - Less guns to go around means less people with guns, both criminals and citizens.
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