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Originally Posted by BessieDono View Post
Hi. i'm looking for charmander. what do you want for one?

i've got White/white2/soulsilver.
Hmm... do you have any of these Pokemon? They're the ones I'm currently looking for. Any one will do fine. Voltorb, Exeggcute, Tyrogue, Houndour, Spinarak, Phanpy, Miltank, Illumise, Glameow, Litwick.
Originally Posted by blackwing18421 View Post
i would like a latias mewtwo and deoxys if you can i can trade cloned keldeo, latios and zeckroms that i had rnc clone for me since i can't do it myself i also need the 3 starters from generations 1 and 2 mudkip and torchic and piplup and chimchar can check my trade shop and check my offers area to see if i can breed anything you want. i would prefer the legiondaries over the starters if i don't have enough to trade for them all
Well, I already have those, but the more the merrier, eh~? For the starters you requested, I'm interested in these Pokemon from your trade thread:


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