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As of right now my Black 2 team consists of the following.

Dragonite: LV 98
Nickname: Kazegami
Ability: Inner Focus
Moves: Fly Hurricane Dragon Dance and Dragon Claw
HP: 308
Attack: 320
Defense 201
SP Attack: 231
SP Defense: 239
Speed: 206
Tradable: MAYBE if you've got a Shiny Eevee(or any GOOD shiny) on you

Leafeon: lvl 90
Nickname: Hanagami
Moves: Flash Solar Beam Leaf Blade and Giga Drain
Ability: Leaf Guard
HP: 250
Attack: 265
Defense: 257
SP Attack: 143
SP Defense: 161
Speed: 161
Tradable: Hell No

Vaporion: LVL 100
Nickname: Nuragami
Ability: Water Absorb
Moves: Surf Dive Waterfall and Hydropump (HM slave/tank for the win :3 )
HP: 396
Attack: 195
Defense 157
SP Atk 273
SP Defense 202
Speed: 174
Tradable: Hell no

Flarion: LVL 91
Nickname: Moegami
Ability: Flash Fire
Moves: Lava Plume Fire Blast Strength and Fire Fang
HP: 248
Attack: 293
Defense 122
SP Attack: 224
SP Defense 239
Speed: 172
Tradable: No...

Jolteon: Lvl 91
Nickname: Gekigami
Ability: Volt Absorb
Moves: Thunder Thunder Wave Strength and Thunderbolt (I might change strength to rainstorm if it can learn it due to a tip from watching Chuggaconroy's lets play)
HP: 259
Attack: 178
Defense: 148
SP Attack: 216
SP Defense: 235
Speed: 252

Glaceon: lvl 92
Nickname: Itagami (See the theme here....derp herp...)
Ability: Snow Cloak
Moves: Icy Wind Hail Ice Fang and Ice Beam
HP: 248
Attack: 142
Defense: 231
SP Attack: 314
SP Defense: 227
Speed: 145

I defeated Altears son with this team, so I'm satisfied.