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My Join Avenue, called Discovery (Reason? Well, it's a place to meet and discover new people around the world as I/you invite or recommend them in my/your avenue. The reason is better understood after you have read a part of the next sentence), is at Level 21. With the help of GTS, GTS Negotiations and Pokémon Global Link, I get to raise the level of my avenue quicker than usual; however, I sometimes recommend people the wrong shops by mistake, so it was a waste of points to the shop and the whole avenue itself. Nevertheless, I'm doing fine in promoting my avenue.

The color of the ceiling is Aurora Purple (I was planning to leave the ceiling color, which is Cloud Light Blue, as it is but I feel like having a purple design on the ceiling suits better for my avenue). I have 1 Antique Shop, 1 Raffle Shop, 1 Beauty Salon, 2 Dojos, 2 Markets and 1 Café; I'm missing a Nursery (which I know has to be unlocked first) and a Flower Shop.

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