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Hi there! I'm Faux, I'm new to PC but I've browsed this thread a lot anonymously when trying to keep myself motivated for my own hunts!

Shinies I currently own are:

Rapidash (Gift from a friend, unsure if its legit or not because it's in a masterball)
Roselia (It broke my Bidoof chain, but I was glad it did!)
Gastly (157 random encounters in the Old Chateau)

And most recently, Eeevee! I lost count of how many SRs in front of Bill this took, but probably around 5 thousand. Took 8 months on and off to obtain, just got it the other day! I was overjoyed! I named him Elusive. I don't know what to evolve him into, but depending on the new Eevee-lution's shiny form, I might evolve it into that. If not, probably gonna go Vaporeon!

I'm taking a little bit of a shiny hunt break for now, I'm so overwhelmed over the Eevee! -giggles- But I'll continue my MM Tangela hunt soon. c:
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