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∣ Kiba Kurokokoro
Mountain Region

Chapter One: Part Three
A Valiant Return

"Jack..." Kiba muttered, almost in shock as he up and left, though his voice didn't seem to carry more than a few feet. Kiba closed his eyes for a moment, silent. "I guess I shouldn't have expected everything to turn out perfectly, huh...?" His voice was somewhat bitter, though sadness overwhelmed it more than anything. There was a slow, quiet pause for a moment. "Well, hopefully we can find her tomorrow. I don't know about Jack though... I don't think he believes I am who I am..." He slowly brushed the young Flareon's fur with his hand. "Hey... Think I can see Avaith for a bit? I can't help but feel like his misery is my fault."

Ki shot Jack a harsh glare as he began to walk away. He moves in a few smooth motions, forming a bone staff out of aura, and then flinging it directly at Jack, shouting, "Learn some sense before you take such ridiculous actions!"

Z scoffed in disgusted surprise. "Disgusting! Get out of my head! I'll beat you into a pulp if you so much as touch me!" She continued to glare at him until he was gone. Even afterward, she simply watched the area he was last seen, practically steaming in anger.

Kiba put the Flareon on the ground, allowing her to roam freely, where she began to race circles around the fire. "By the way... You already know Ki. This little fireball is named Amber, and the Gardevoir over there is named 'Z'."

Amber continued to bounce around the fire, seemingly disinterested in much of anything else at the moment.

Ki nodded his head quietly toward Shadoan. "Greetings," is all he said.

Z did a bit of a courtesy, thankful for a distraction from her anger. "It's a pleasure."

Seeing a strange beast attacking, Mello acted quickly, enveloping both herself and Julia in a psychic-powered bubble, before beginning to sing to the beast, hoping to lull it to sleep. It seemed Mello was trained to fight without commands?

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