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Originally Posted by pikakitten View Post
Guardian of the sea, deep-sea pokemon, lives in the ocean depths, psychic? WHAT THE **** no. I will not stand for this, they just didn't want Lugia to be stronger than Ho-oh, but apparently Groudon can have his rear end kicked by Kyogre! This should be it.
Ho-oh, Fire/Flying or something to make it fair.
Lugia, WATER/Flying
Groudon, Fire/Groudon; Fire beats Ice
Kyogre, Ice/Water; Water beats Ground
I'm guessing you mean Fire/Ground for Groudon...

Anyway, in that scenario, Kyogre would be terribly overpowered against Groudon (Water being 4x-effective against the Fire/Ground type combination), even if Fire does beat Ice (and in that case, Kyogre would still only be taking normal damage, since Fire trumps Ice but succumbs to Water, thus canceling the two type calculations out). Kyogre also lacks any 4x weaknesses with Water/Ice typing. As much as I'd like Groudon to be Fire/Ground, I think Groudon as a mono-typed Ground-type Pokemonis fine for gameplay purposes, so it can at least have an iota of a chance against Kyogre with a 2x weakness rather than a 4x weakness. >.> What Groudon really needs is a Physical Grass attack that gains power in sunlight...and Eruption needs to be made a Physical move...

Anyway, on to the topic at hand, LUGIA...

Originally Posted by Frostweaver View Post
Some things are done for sake of balance of the gameplay. Pokemon is a video game first and anime generated background lore. It's similar to how Gyarados isn't a water/dragon but water/flying in some attempt to tone it down in first generation. Lugia will be quite a fortress with much less weakness, trading for only vulnerable to electric in battle... as if it's not a super strong defensive legendary already.
Gyarados I understand (and like) with the "dragon through perseverance/Legendary Carp" deal (although Gyarados' typing is still laughable; it's only a threat when you lack Electric-type Pokemon/moves, unless 'competitive' Gyarados somehow fare better than Hoenn Battle Frontier Gyarados...) I haven't used Lugia for gameplay, although if it's a 'tank' of sorts, would Water/Flying really be that bad for it? :cer_confused: (although now I'm seeing some posts stating that it would be overpowered offensively despite the 4x weakness...)

Originally Posted by EvilTotodile View Post
i think he should be water/dragon that would be cool, but no, nintendo decided not to make many dragon types in the early gens
I'd love Lugia's typing to be retconned to Water/Flying...if Rotom can have type retcons, surely Lugia can as well... :/

Originally Posted by Pinkie-Dawn View Post
Lugia should've been a Water/Flying, but the tradition of having only one Water/Flying line each gen, which was started by Gyarados, forced GF to make Lugia part Psychic instead.
Hmm...I guess it could be interpreted as 'tradition', although I think that's kind of a coincidence/conscious choice on the part of Game Freak (and IMO, Generation 4 hardly counts since Mantyke is related to Mantine of Generation 2...).

Originally Posted by synerjee View Post
Perhaps it should. I had the misconception that this legendary was part Water-type when I was younger until I found out that it actually was Psychic/Flying. This confused me quite a bit, especially since I watched the movie that featured Lugia and the legendary Bird Trio with Lugia living at the bottom of the sea and manipulating its waters and such. Oh, and why is Lugia living in a cave behind a waterfall in the middle of the sea in the games??

Actually, if triple-types were to be implemented, Lugia should immediately be Water-Flying-Psychic as...well, you know why.

.....or perhaps it should not. If Lugia were to be Water/Flying, Electric-types would very easily K.O. it in a move or two. So....yeah. I think it's much better off being Psychic/Flying.
Yeah, I was confused with Lugia's typing as well, and Pokemon 2000 didn't help matters much (possibly worsened them..). I think I first discovered Lugia was Psychic/Flying and not Water/Flying in Pokemon Stadium 2's database. @_@ I'd rather have it be a Water/Flying Pokemon with Psychic-type capabilities; it doesn't seem any more 'psionic' compared to other Legendary Pokemon like Ho-Oh or Kyogre. Yeah, it can telepathically talk, but so can Reshiram, Zekrom, and Kyurem (Dragon Pokemon who aren't Psychic-types). Water/Dragon also seems nice, but methinks that would be even worse compared to Water/Flying, with Lugia's apparent already-high resistance/defensive capabilities (not to mention that it kind of clashes with another Legendary Pokemon mascot, Palkia).

Anyway, if we can have Kyogre deluging the crap out of Groudon, I don't see why Lugia can't inundate the bajoogles out of Ho-Oh (as cool as Ho-Oh is). Ho-Oh has some Electric-type moves to help it out (then again, it currently learns Special Electric-type moves while specializing in the Attack stat...). And Lugia's main advantage (excluding high defense) is only STAB with Water moves, as opposed to STAB with Water moves and the boost from Rain and high Special Attack, like Kyogre has in its arsenal against Groudon. So Ho-Oh can take care of itself (at least for a while).
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