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Originally Posted by Scorpiopt View Post
Weaville is faster than deoxys D and has taunt . it helped me put a stop Deaoxy-D hazard setting . also magic coat is not that comon
Never found one using mental herb . people just use leftovers

Most use Spikes . seismic toss . stealth rock and night shade or recover
Using Weavile for that purpose is a waste of a team slot though, even if it DOES Taunt Deo is way too bulky to be KOed by it, and it's going to get KOed itself. Mental Herb is used 10% of the time (looking at usage stats), and Magic Coat is run 25% of the time, it's 5th most common move. You're more than likely going to be dealing with one or the other, so you aren't getting a Taunt up.

Honestly I haven't played OU much with Deo-D, but I do see why people want it gone.