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Third Generation at its finest (Yeah, I've been praising RSE like it's the holy grail of the series compared to other generations.)

1. Introduction to the Abilities and Natures.
2. Double Battles introduced.
3. Very good Pokemon Roster (I have a lot of favorites in Generation 3.)
4. Very good soundtrack (my favorite being Route 104, 120, Surf music, and all the battle themes.)
5. Hoenn is my favorite region to explore (Even the water routes are good.)
6. 2 of the teams are good compared to Team Rocket and Plasma, but I prefer Team Magma.
7. Contest is very good to participate. A lot better than the one in DPPt which got butchered aside from new minigames.
8. (NOSTALGIA BOMB ALERT!) When I was around 12 years old, I got a copy of Pokemon Ruby version for my birthday, I also got a copy of Sapphire along with the strategy guide for Ruby and Sapphire.

Oh third generation. How I always love it.