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James Joules Garnet

James stared at the the path before him the entire way while Aria was talking to Makoto. He literally said and thought of nothing as he walked, simply slogging out the hike as he was used to doing on journeys. Lisbon of course, decided that was the best time to start talking about combat tactics and strategies for future fights. He often did this, but James didn't understand why. Every fight he'd been in, James had beaten the enemy up, down, left and right. Aria was the only one who had gotten the drop on him so far. And that was because of his own foolishness. It wasn't until Aria came up beside him and elbowed him that he started a little, coming back to reality.

"Huh? What is it Aria?" James asked, his eyes a little wide. Were they under attack?! No... She was just goofing around. Huh. James smiled at Aria's antics with a jovial smile. Makoto was freaking out, which made him laugh out loud. These two really weren't so bad. They were the best entertainment he'd ever had, which was a rather sad realization for him. He hadn't been so happy since he left his Mother.

When they reached the house, James stopped outside quietly, allowing Aria some time alone... But not without letting her know that she could take her time. He looked around,wandering over to a fence. "This place is even worse than the cities... Cleaner... But damned if it hasn't been consumed by the plants..." James wondered if maybe this place was to Aria what his old home was to him... Maybe he should check on her... She probably didn't need him there, but even so. He felt he should make sure... Just in case. James moved to the house's entrance and went inside, coming upon a red-cheeked Aria. Had she been crying? Alarm bells went off inside James' head. Oh crap. Had he intruded on something /really/ personal? Feeling he was obliged to offer an apology, James swallowed his pride fully and spoke with a soft smile to her. "Hey Aria... Everything okay?" He moved to her, putting a hand on her shoulder. He felt utterly exposed, showing his genuine concern for this girl. "Uhm... Hey... So I know you're good friends with that girl Spark... But if you wanna talk, I can listen. Anytime."

- Beheaded Kamikaze; Serious Sam 3.
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